Monday, March 30, 2009

Letters to J.Crew

Dear J. Crew,

I just wanted to bring a very obvious pricing mistake to your attention.

This is a box I discovered in your men's accessories section. A small box. It's used for putting, like, tie clips or mini-toiletries or something in. I mean, I've never met a man who made regular use of a small, yellow box, so I'm really not sure what kind of manly things are meant to go in it. However, even if the man plans on putting very important things in this little box, can you venture to explain why, in the name of all that is holy and good, you are selling it for $800?! I see nothing special about this box. Even if it is handmade, that does not make it any different than any other box in the world.

Oh, wait, you explained in the product description why it's different and totally worth nearly a grand: it will withstand "the weight of a one-ton elephant."

I totally forgot about that all-too-necessary built-in elephant insurance. I've lost far too many boxes to elephants just sittin' wherever they want to, like they own the place or somethin'. Carry on. This is totally reasonable.



Sal said...

Hahahaha. Those J.Crewers have a nerve and a half, I tells ya.

Mary said...

it's so... adorable and charming.. but so overpriced....

I love yellow
I love j crew regardless.

amanda said...

J Crew's pricing is ridonkulous across the board. I wish it made me love them less.

saturdayjane said...

I feel that possibly the elephant thing isn't enough. Maybe it is made of the bones of orphans? Possibly the yellow dye is mixed with the powdered remains of Mother Teresa.

I want to know what dude buys that box.


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