Saturday, March 7, 2009

Don't You Hate That?

I hate when a musical artist I don't like on one or more levels comes out with a song that I really kind've can't stop listening to on Youtube and that I won't change the channel if it comes on the TV or radio. Katy Perry has finally done it to me. On one hand, I hate the idea of endorsing a woman who sings a song called "Ur So Gay" (on the grounds that the guy, among other things, listens to classical music. What?), but on the other, "Thinking of You" is really pretty after you get past the second verse when she sounds like she's pretty much burping some of the lyrics. And who can't identify with being with one person when you're still hung up on another? Admit, you've been there. Most of all, I love the music video, even though I thought the ending was extremely predictable (I won't spoil it in case you're truly interested in finding out for yourself). I can never fault a girl for dressing up all retro and glamorous and reminding me of the eras I wish I lived in. As annoying as Katy Perry is, I think she's gorgeous and totally wears the hell out of her outfits when there are no giant bananas/banana-rompers involved and she's not wearing a merry-go-round or something equally as insane (I like batshit-crazy fashion a lot less in practice than I do on the runway, and I especially don't like it on people I find annoying).

I took some screen caps from the "Thinking of You" video to demonstrate how nice it would be if Katy Perry stopped trying to be a comedienne and embraced her adorable retro side more.

I had to show you these shoes. If anything, watch the videos to see multiple shots of these shoes. They are so sick and I would do anything to borrow them. Are you listening, Katy? I know I just said you were annoying, but I'm sure we could get beyond that.

I want that umbrella. Also, I loved how they did her makeup.

Hello, nice hat. I love you.

The swing dancing scene was one of my favorites. I was born in the wrong time period.

Big sigh. The last thing I wanted to see from this woman was a drool-worthy video to a song that is actually very pretty. Damn you, Katy Perry! Damn you to hell!


Mary said...

ahhaa you pretty much summed up my feelings for her right there! I HATE the mentality behind I kissed a girl so much but this video is so pretty!

I think her make up kind of kills it though... she looks like a drag queen with the eyebrows and the lips and the eyes. Don't get me wrong, I love drag queens... but if you're a woman that may not be a make up goal.

ps: "I love writing letters to people I don't actually know. Need I say more?" are we the same person maybe?

Vanessa said...

The makeup was really dramatic-- not something that I think would work in real life.

Also, I'm glad someone shares my love of writing letters to people I don't know. I no longer feel so alone. :-P


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