Monday, March 16, 2009

I Didn't Know What to Post So Here are Pictures of My Room Last Year

Basically, I'm insane and I covered my half of the room pretty much completely (I say "pretty much" because there are two Beatles posters in the mix that went up before I was determined to accomplish this fashiony feat) in pages out of Vogue. I'm trying to do it again this year, but I've found the walls are basically allergic to tape or something and it's been hard keep the whole thing up. I'm going to try to complete it, though.

Anyway, enjoy some inspiration from me and American Vogue for your Monday. Click to embiggen and try to name as many models as you can!

I bet by now you're saying to yourself "I wonder what a bitch getting all that down was." Well, lucky for you my roommate took pictures of that lovely process! (Enjoy my frizzy morning hair and Simply Vera bathrobe-- hot).

the end result= a giant ball on my desk. it was a total bummer I couldn't get it all off in a way that I could disassemble it and take it home or something. it got recycled instead.

P.S. Hopefully in the next few days I will do a review of my first forray into Forever21 footwear/ordering shoes offline. I needed summer sandals and these (in black) were too cute to resist any longer, even though they look incredibly tall on the models. I suppose if this works out I'll be teetering about in style, at least.

P.P.S. Just to let you know, if you ask me questions in the comments, I generally try to respond to them in the comments as well, because I figure some people may also be curious as to my answer. So if you ask me something, check back. I try to be pretty good about that. Of course, if you have something you to ask/say that you don't want made public, I'm always always always overjoyed to receive your emails at

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Mary said...

That is a really big ball of epic.. holy crap, I'm amazed it came off in one piece!

I'm not sure if I replied, but not, I don't go to Dalhousie although where I do go is pretty close and most of my friends do. Our STAND chapters work together pretty frequently! Is your friend liking Halifax?!


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