Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Letters to Hanes

Dear Hanes,
I completely respect how you've got your own thing goin' there with your reasonably-priced packages of boxers, briefs, and-- dare I say it?-- boxer-briefs. Actually, I'm a big fan of your boxer-briefs. My boyfriend and I thank you for showing us how wonderful hybrid underwear can be. I have one question, though....

Why is this man not part of your standard marketing campaign? I would argue that if you started an ad campaign of men in their underwear holding fluffy puppies, you would have every girlfriend and her mother (creepy) clamoring to buy their men Hanes underwear for the sole purpose of clipping the picture from the front of the package and creating a scrapbook to look at when said man is out of town on business. You know, just saying. Think it over.


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