Friday, March 20, 2009

"One for One"

I received an email today from the people at the Joshua Radin site that I thought I would share with all you lovely readers:

"Hey everyone! We'd like to introduce you to a company that is making a difference
in a child's life one shoe at a time. TOMS shoes was founded in 2006 by a young
entrepreneur named Blake Mycoskie who was overwhelmed by the spirit of the South
American people, especially those that had so little. He was amazed to learn how
many children did not have shoes and as a result in many cases, could not go to
school and had to deal with other daily hardships that could even lead to infected
feet. Blake was insatiately struck by the responsibility to do something. Therefore,
Blake returned home, designed a shoe based on the Argentine apargata and decided
that for every shoe that was purchased he was personally going to take a shoe back
to the children he first met. One for one! His goal was 250 shoes. Today TOMS
has taken over 130,000 shoes to children all over the world and Oct 20, 2008 TOMS
began helping children struggling the US as well."

The TOMS website is here. The available wares include very comfy-looking (often) tie-dye shoes and slippers for women, men, and infants (omg I love tiny shoes), as well as some sweatshirts, T-shirts, and hats (though I don't know if proceeds from those directly benefit the cause). Though TOMS shoes are not the most fashion-forward footwear out there right now, remember that giving to those in need is always in style.

EDIT: I just realized that I must've screwed-up the formatting of the text from the e-mail. I fixed it. Sorry about that!


Nice and Shiny said...

Yeah Toms has been around for a while, although i think the shoes are quite cute! I've even seen slip-ons like Toms on tons of streetstyle site... I'm pretty sure a few retailers have even "borrowed" the design. I first heard about Toms about 3 years ago, my physics teacher told me about it (coz he knew I loved shoes, lol!).
I'd still like to buy a pair. Thanks for sharing


amanda said...

I've wanted a pair of Toms for a while now, but haven't purchased them. Every time I point them out to the boyfriend, he laughs and calls me "grandpa".
Their shoe drop in Argentina sounds grand. I'd love to participate in one of those.


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