Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Thank Goodness for These Guys

Some of my favorite shows so far:

Emporio Armani:

These were just a few outfits I especially liked-- trust me, I had quite a few more on my computer, but I figured I should pare it down a bit. This collection was so chic and so fun at the same time. I think part of what I found this collection so inspirational because every single look could be part of a normal girl's wardrobe, and without breaking the bank, too. Also, I especially loved the knee socks and hats.

Commes des Garcons:

I loved everything about this, from the guazey, heart-emblazoned headpieces and pink hair, to Kawakubo's wonderful sense for patterns (a lot better seen in other looks from the collection). I loved the playfully exaggerated layering, too (much like in the first picture). I can't imagine how many shirts these tiny models were wearing out on the runway!

Jean Paul Gaultier:

Awkward question: is anyone else reminded a little of Sasha Grey when they look at this shot of Morgane Dubled? Maybe it's the S&M theme playing tricks on me. Or the hair (I did my best to find a picture of her hair look exactly like this like I know it has but Google has failed me). Either way, I love when Gaultier does menswear for women-- never dowdy, always sexy.

Fishnets worn over striped tights=pure awesome.

Christian Lacroix:

Thanks you for tackling two of the most-debated color combinations ever: black and brown, and black and navy. No clashing in sight, if you ask me (and killer tights, by the way).

Finally, Junya Watanabe:

For the most part, the outfits were kooky enough to float my boat, but too puffy-garbage-bag-like for me to say "WOW" over; what really got me was the hair and makeup. Please take a look at the whole collection (especially the details)-- this is truly art!

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