Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Results May Vary

*These articles are really interesting for anyone who has a blog (you!), and especially for anyone looking to make their blog into a source of income. What with the sad, looming decline of the print media (I think we have to recognize that jobs at magazines and newspapers are growing scarce), writers should really start to consider new paperless ways to be writers and get paid.

*Amanda posted about Green Porno in her blog, but I just had to post the link here, too. Really, watch this. It's pretty strange, but very interesting and funny. You know you want to see Isabella Rossellini dressed as a well-endowed (appropriately so) whale.

*Should Photoshopped images in magazines be accompanied by text to explicitly say that they're Photoshopped? This video about this issue was fascinating. Even though I knew that most (read: all) images in the media are tweaked by computer, I had no idea that, in the quest to create the perfect human, people go so far as to create composites of more than one person. Personally, I think it would be great if magazines disclosed the degree to which images have been altered. Not only do a lot of young girls today have no idea that these pictures are hiding the truth, but it's often so hard for people who know about the prevalence of Photoshop to remember that what they're seeing isn't exactly real.

*I don't think anything I can say about this interview with Bai Ling will properly describe the kind of insane she is.

*You make me touch your hands for stupid reasons OR I will touch your ass and shit on youuuuuuu! (Do you have a favorite YTMND?)

*I love Singin' in the Rain. Whenever I watch clips like this, I feel so happy, yet so sad. I wish movies like this were still made (by the way, if any of you by any bizarre chance are in possession of "The Babbit and the Bromide" dance by Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire, I am ordering you to put it on Youtube. Whoever had it took it down and I spent an hour yesterday trying to find the real dance).

*It's where you go when you die.

*When you feel sad, smile. It's been shown that your facial expression will affect your mood.

leon baas (be warned: link contains photos of creepy-crawlies)

*Story of my life.

*If you're as obsessed with Michelle Obama as a lot of fashion watchers are, this is the site for you. Part of it seems quite silly and fangirlish (the post for when Mr. and Mrs. Obama were meeting the Sarkozys reads in bold "Update: Mrs. O has added a black bolero to her ensemble," which made me chuckle), but Michelle is fabulous enough-- intelligent, a generally nice-seeming person, and always wonderfully dressed-- to fangirl about.

*This photoshoot of models with their boyfriends... well, I love it. How much of a hunk is Doutzen's man? Oh gosh....

*I'm still fighting through finals, but I look forward to the summer when I'll be able to blog without responsibilities hanging over my head. And did I mention I'll be receiving my very belated birthday gift of a new camera? Can you say "daily outfit posts?" I'll leave the waitressing uniform I'll be practically living in out of that, though :-P

even more hedi

*These are some of the things I'm lovin' this week, but results may vary. Tell me what you think in the comments!


Brittney said...

I hear ya on the "leaving out the waitressing outfit" on the daily outfits posts. I have to wear a uniform at work everyday, and there's only so much you can do with it.

Though I'm starting to think about maybe doing accessory posts, since you can create HUGE style differences with just a few pieces. What kind of camera are you getting?

amanda said...

Thanks for the link-love!

And a million thank yous for the Bai Ling interview. That woman is batshit and I love her for it. "You are my shiny diaper."

Vanessa said...

Brittney: I'm not sure what kind of camera I'm getting. My mother promised me one for my birthday because my old one sucks... like really bad. I think it might be my fault 'cause I dropped it at some point and I can't remember if that's when the zoom got screwed-up. Plus, the thing eats batteries like no tomorrow. So basically she and I are going to go pick out something fancy but not a zillion dollars that will end my digital camera woes. If you have any suggestions, though, lay 'em on me!

Amanda: anytime, dear :)

Brittney said...

I am in love with the Canon PowerShot series. They're pretty affordable (super cheap on Amazon! I got mine for $160) and are easy-to-use and produce pretty decent/nifty pics. Also fit perfectly in pocket for a good point-and-shoot. I'd reccommend them to EVERYBODY. But also the Pentax Optio's are pretty good. My mom and sister who aren't tech-savvy love theirs. So... yes! Cameras! I LOVE THEM.

rubybastille said...

"So the panda in the miniskirt told you to go on But Can They Sing?"


I spent most of the article thinking that maybe she wasn't really that crazy, but then that popped up and the universe was restored to its rightful state.

(And I agree with Brittney on the cameras. I just got the PowerShot A590 on Amazon for $110 and it's been great so far.)

Vanessa said...

Brittney and Laura: Thanks for the advice! I'm not really that tech-savvy and my mom is an old school photographer whose knowledge only extends to cameras that run on film (those were the days...), so I really appreciate the suggestions. I'll be letting y'all know how it goes :)


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