Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Little Green Light at the End of the Tunnel

One Shakespeare paper down, a million more assignments to go! Ugh. But I had to take a break from my studies to inform you of an adorable-- and green-- deal at your local Payless shoe store. I know, I know, Payless shoes are not "quality" shoes (Luke knows this firsthand-- don't buy men's shoes there), but I honestly don't have enough experience with them to be a naysayer. Sometimes there are really cute kicks there, but I always seem to head in when I'm trying to not buy shoes that I don't need (though I do need more summery shoes and flats...).

Anywho, I hopped on the Payless website today and saw the new line of green shoes they're carrying. And you know what? I totally want these:

They're cute, they're made entirely from organic cotton and recycled rubber, they're also available in purple, and they're only 25 big ones. Only 25! I'm seriously considering picking a pair of these babies up when I get home from college.

Speaking of college, I have to run to class, but I'll be back tomorrow with an installation of "Results May Vary." Thanks for bearing with my lazy blogging as I try to survive finals.

Hearts for you all.


amanda said...

Seriously, when did Payless start selling such CUTE shoes?! Wherefore art the Payless of my youth, filled with clunky orthopedic granny shoes?

Gah, the Bogo sale is going to do some damage to my wallet.

jules said...

Cute, I love love the flowers.


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