Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Results May Vary

hedi slimane

*Luke and I spent most of last night taking a break from our finals panic to explore the entire archive at Today's Big Thing. We were in tears laughing over this video.

*You may have heard of the "Days with My Father" project by Phillip Toledano, especially if you read a lot of blogs that do link round-ups; it seems like everyone's been going crazy over it. I thought it was really touching, but what I really loved was the set called "Phone Sex."

*I found out about from Mary's blog, and I have to agree that it's totally addictive. Head on over and test your vocabulary to benefit UN World Food Program. It's a little reminiscent of those evil SATs, but I promise it's actually fun.

*I've never actually read Pride and Prejudice to completion, but I think I'd like this version better anyway.

*On another Modcloth-related note: WHY IS THIS DRESS SOLD OUTTTT?! Just my luck....

chris heads

*Don't watch this Slap Chop parody at the office, okay? What's that you say? You don't know what a Slap Chop is? Allow me to show you some of Vince's finest work, then! Personally, I want one just so I can say I own something called a Gratey.

*It's okay, model girl, I would be unhappy if I had a giant, awkward bow on my head, too. (I think the best part is that there's no acknowledgment of it in the items list, as if we'll just forget about it if they pretend it's not there).

by dilkabear-- i love her style!

*I must miss sushi more than I thought I did, because I ended up bookmarking these vegan soaps on Etsy and these wicked cute magnets available at Wet Seal.

*Pretend you and your friends are on the yellow brick road to Oz and skip somewhere.

*All about hipsters. I actually found this article unexpectedly sad and profound toward the end.

These are some of the things I'm lovin' this week, but results may vary. Tell me what you think in the comments!


amanda said...

That ModCloth dress will be mine one day.

I liked the article on hipsters, but I don't think that hipsters represent the end of Western civilization. Sure, there's nothing new under the sun, but there hasn't been for a very long time. I think most hipsters are caught in a strange limbo -- children of boomers who refuse to grow old (the boomers, not the hipsters), so the hipster generation employs "irony" to carve out a niche for themselves while hiding the fact that they're entirely sincere about cultural values.
Maybe I feel strongly about this because I can't tell if I'm a sort of hipster or just an urban 20-something.

Belle said...

Lol at the F21 bow. Thats so funny, your eyes go right to it. I love that dress, its so pretty. Too bad its sold out.

Gladys Lopez said...


Brittney said...

RE: That dress (cough cough) cough) (cough hack)

Dude, sorry, I've been a little phlegmy lately.

Also the Forever 21 bow had me in tears! The poor thing!

Vanessa said...

Brittney: thank you thank you thank you!

rubybastille said...

I love! It should be a required visit for anyone who can't find Iraq on a map.

Anonymous said...

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