Thursday, April 16, 2009

More Sales, What What!

Expensive Stuff Megastore, aka Saks Fifth Avenue is have a big ol' sale. I'm talkin' 25% off your purchase by using the code SFAFAM9 (until April 19th) and free shipping with use of the code FAMSHIP9, good for the rest of today, the 16th. I debated whether to bother letting you guys know about this, because it's a big ol' (I like the word "ol'" today) recession, and a lot of us are college kids, but who am I to say that you haven't been saving up for these Louboutins:

regularly $925 at saks

Or this Carmen Marc Valvo dress:

regularly $265

Now if we do the math on my handy-dandy computer calculator (not in my head, because there are many reasons that I am an English major), the shoes are down to $695.75, while the dress is marked down to a nearly-digestible price of $198.75.*

If you've been eying somethin' swanky, go on over to the Saks site or a real, live Saks store near you and enjoy this lovely sale while it lasts!

*To put it in a really depressing perspective that makes me realize for the millionth time what crooks the writers of college text books are, this is only $28.75 more expensive than the most expensive book I've ever had to buy in my two years at college.


jules said...


ambika said...

Ooo, off to check this out now--even though I shouldn't...

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Debora R. Bundy said...

I am loving the loubouting shoes and the valvo dress. Really stunning. I love the color of the dress. outstanding. So nice and lovely to see. I want this one for my new outfit. This one is so lovely. I also love ladies denim shirt


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