Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Results May Vary

photo by matthias vriens-- do check out the rest

*SUMMER VACATION! Oh my am I happy.

*I have yet to give in to the Twitter craze. I loved seeing this article-- amazingly titled "Oh, You Have 70,000 Twitter Followers? Congratulations, Shitbag"-- on Gala's blog. I would vow to never tweet, but knowing my own sense of will power, I can make no such vow.

*With Mother's Day fast approaching, present face is bound to rear its ugly head. We've all been there.

*I am not ashamed to say that I am in complete love with Miley Cyrus's outfit here. If I owned this outfit, I would wear it every day. Yes, I would wash it.

*Japanese dance, anyone?

alek wek, looking astounding, at the met costume ball. for more models at the ball, click here

*Speaking of Alek, I love this clip from the Tyra Show. You are beautiful, no matter what your skin color. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

*The Pomegranate Phone. It will even make your coffee. It will also blow your mind when you click on "Release Date."

*My lovely friends Nicole and Rachel (hi, if you're creepin'!) got me addicted to Ski Runner. Oh my God, I have never been on LSD, but I have a feeling this is exactly what it feels like. I beg you, don't play this game if you have epilepsy. I promise you will have a seizure. For the rest of you, you know a game is insane when I have to warn you not to play it if you have epilepsy.

*I just found a cool little writing prompt site called Velvet Verbosity. Every Wednesday, a single word is posted as a starting point for writers to come up with a 100-word story, no more, no less. You get until that Sunday to finish your entry and submit it for a chance to win. Right now, the person who runs the site is ill and has said that they may not be posting for awhile, but I know I'll be keeping the site bookmarked so I can watch for the next contest. In the meantime, use the old prompts to kick yourself out of writers block!

*We absolutely are not living in a post-racial society: What Adopting a White Girl Taught One Black Family.

*Beautiful Agony: user-submitted videos of orgasm faces (shoulders up). Kinda NSFW, but entertaining at home.

by steven meisel.

*Tomorrow the boy and I are going to buy Lunchables and have a picnic in his bedroom (it's gon' rain!). I am childishly excited about this.

These are some of the things I'm lovin' this week, but results may vary. Tell me what you think in the comments!

EDIT: D'OH! I didn't properly link to the article about Twitter or the Miley dress. If you were very confused and missed it, it's all fixed.


Nina (femme rationale) said...

i LOVED alek wek's look. hands down my fave.

amanda said...

Not gonna lie, it took me a second to get the Pomegranate phone thing. Well played, Nova Scotia. Very clever.


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