Sunday, May 31, 2009

Style and Life Lessons I've Learned from My Boyfriend: The Unimportance of Mascara

Luke: What are you doing?

Me: Putting on mascara.

Luke: Why?

Me: What do you mean "why?" I always put it on before I go out.

Luke: But why do you have to? You think anyone's going to notice if you don't?

Me: Um... well, it makes me eyes seem more... open? Dramatic?

Luke: [peering at my one mascara-ed eye and comparing to the one I haven't done yet] I don't really see it.

Me: You wouldn't understand. You're a boy.

Luke: No, I understand. You think that someone's going to judge you when you go to the freakin' mall because you didn't put makeup on, but really the only person judging you is me for how you'd waste five minutes we could be spending having fun together with putting black goop on your eyelashes when you look perfectly fine without it.

My challenge to you makeup-wearers out there: leave the house without it for today and spend those few minutes of extra primping time with someone you love.


jules said...

So do you still wear it, I stopped wearing makeup after I was in the hospital and realized that there were more important things to do. It's still super fun to wear sometimes though.

amanda said...

While boys don't get beauty products in general, they REALLY don't get mascara. It's like explaining quantum physics to a dog.

I, however, am a drag queen in a woman's body and therefore addicted to makeup. I notice it on other people and often use them for inspiration for future looks, but I guess I'm a bit of a minority in the sense that I actively pay attention to others' makeup habits. I don't judge them; I just like seeing how other people play up their features.

Maverick Malone said...

LOL!! That is hilarious. Ah, boys...

xox, mavi

Vanessa said...

Jules: I usually just leave the house wearing mascara. I'll have to write about the typical conversation that happens when I attempt foundation around my boyfriend. Oh jeez. Anyway, I think since I've been dating Luke I've felt a little more comfortable just leaving the house without as much primping sometimes, at least when we're just heading out to the mall or the supermarket for cookies. It's sometimes really liberating to just leave the house without bothering to try to impress anyone through a veneer of beauty products.

Amanda: "It's like explaining quantum physics to a dog"-- YES.

Mavi: Glad to see you back!

the freelancer's fashionblog said...

It's true that most guys don't get why you might look a little different whith makeup or no make up on, but once when I showed up to work with no makeup and a minor eye infection the guys were all "are you tired today or something?"

I love to wear and apply makeup and my bofriend likes to watch me when I do my stage face before a show. I guess it fascinates him to see how much one can play around and do to one's face.

David said...

So I'm gonna leave my straight-guy opinion because I see your comment section lacks it.

Mascara, to me at least, I can't even tell whether someone is wearing it or not. The only time I ever notice is if they are wearing too much, and then I think- "wow, what a totally trashy, overly made up slutbag!!"

Just my opinion =]

Vanessa said...

Ulrika: Personally *I* would love to see how you put on your makeup for a show. Maybe I'd learn some things :)

David: I love you, David. For serious.


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