Saturday, May 30, 2009

Letters to a KISS108 DJ

Dear KISS108 DJ,

I have been listening to your station lately because my mom's car has a broken tape player. You see, normally I ride to work with the company of my MP3 player plugged into my ever-trusty adapter, but lately the darn thing just goes rrrrrrrrr, flips the adapter up and down a few times, and just generally refuses to provide me with any music. In hopes that I would stay chipper or awake (depending on what time of day I'm heading to or from work), I decided to start tuning in to KISS. I mean, what the hay, music's music, and I might get to here "Come on Get Higher." Or "Sexyback"-- you played that earlier and I was happy. I know you sense that there's a "but" coming, and there is.

Almost as soon as I tuned in this morning I heard you, Mr. DJ, talking about an interview Kelly Clarkson did with some magazine that I don't remember because I was only a little bit listening. Even though I was just a little listening, I perked up when I heard you say that in this interview, Kelly had said that she "doesn't believe in dieting." In this crazy-ass thin-obsessed society, I think that's a great thing for a female star to put out there, especially when it's a star that doesn't resemble a stick insect in a dress, much like the one seen below:

i am actually worse at ms paint using a touchpad than with a mouse.

See? Not cute. Well, okay, kinda cute if it were really a bug in a dress, but you know. Anyway, I was shocked when you followed up the comment that Kelly Clarkson said "I don't believe in diets" with a very derisively-spoken "no surprises there."

Perhaps the girl is larger than a few years ago, but would I call her fat?

I mean, taking a look at these nice, big ol' photos, I wouldn't say she's fat. I'd say she's average and that her stylist should be taken out to pasture and "eliminated." Honestly, her clothes are so tight and unfortunate at times that any weight she's carrying is going to accentuated, but I still wouldn't say she is the picture of a woman who needs a diet as you seem to think. I don't know, Mr. DJ. I think it's so uncalled for that you would hold up a very average-sized woman as an example of some kind of naive joke because she doesn't believe she needs to diet. It's a terrible thing to say on the air when the majority of your audience is the Pop Hop-loving youth of America, who are, may I remind you, probably not all size 0s. And thank God for that.

Seriously, dude. You pissed me off. I don't even like Kelly Clarkson that much, but if she's the last bastion of normal-sized stars that aren't succumbing to the pressure to be scary skinny (even the likes of Kim Kardashian and America Ferrera are dieting-- you are known for you curves, ladies!), then I can get behind her so aggregiously ginormous behind.


P.S. No, I don't know why I expected any ounce of class from the youth-oriented media. Forgive my naivete, would you?

P.P.S And Kelly, if you're listening, THANK YOU for not being apologetic for your weight, a la Kirstie Alley and Oprah. You don't owe anyone skinny, and I strongly believe you're disservicing all the woman out there who are trying to accept their own bodies, thick or thin.


Sydnie said...

Hey, I listen to Kiss 108, too! I didn't hear about this interview ... but I'm glad you posted about it! The world needs more people like Kelly out there. People should be happy about the way they are.


Anonymous said...

The Melissa Joan Hart thing is annoying too - that People story about the "horrifying" photo, which looks like, guess what, a normal person. I'm not always a fan of Kelly's songs, but damn she can sing, and I think she's adorable. (except for those concert pics...I agree that her stylist needs a talking-to.)

Anonymous said...

Kelly Clarkson is a whale and you probably are 2 if u think she's not fat.

unlikely_person said...

I find it funny that the person who's calling Kelly fat in the comments won't even leave their name! How pathetic

Anonymous said...

Just because she's average doesn't mean she's not fat. - In America the average just IS FAT!


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