Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wear Today, Gone Tomorrow*

Unfortunately, the title is not my own clever pun, but the name of a website you have to know about. I came across Wear Today, Gone Tomorrow recently in an issue of InStyle, and I'm so glad I did. I was really skeptical when I read a blurb about a website that lets you borrow expensive designer duds at reasonable prices. I had to check it out. It couldn't possibly be true, right? Wrong.

WTGT is a fashion website that carries dresses, tops, skirts, and jackets that would normally be out of the everyday shopper's price range. The difference between this site and the likes of eLuxury? They're not technically selling you anything-- they're loaning it. The deal is this: you pay 90% off on a designer item-- plus a cleaning fee, which is normally a mere $10-- and keep it for as long as you'd like, and then send it back when you're all done. The sizes that are available are kind've limited (they only go up to size 14, so if you're a real plus-sized woman, you may be out of luck here), but you can shop around to find something beautiful that'll fit both the bill and your waistline. And on that note, they even have suggestions for what to wear your piece with in the descriptions. Could this get any better?

If you need more convincing to borrow a designer dress for your little brother's graduation, your best girl's birthday, or a night at home eating buffalo wings and iced cream with the boyfriend, here's a sampling of some of their wares-- insane prices included.

thread social: $58 plus $10 cleaning.

If these pieces and their price tags look appealing, go over to Wear Today, Gone Tomorrow and join up today!**

*For the summer, I've decided that I'll be doing my link list, Results May Vary, on a bi-weekly or so basis. Between work, friends, and Luke, I haven't been spending much time scouring the internetz for funny videos of puppies and great pictures on Flickr, so I figure I'll just wait until I have an adequate amount of interesting bits and pieces to share with you before the next installment.

**You have to actually join to see the prices on WTGT. It's free, though, so I highly recommend it.


jules said...

I adore the first shirt, and the stripy skirt!

Mary said...

I so would have rented my prom dress! Genius.

Nina (femme rationale) said...

i haven't read any reviews on this site, yet. wonder what the quality of the clothes is. but i agree, it's a pretty smart idea.

thebitessite said...

I rented a dress from them and it was awesome. it came quickly, looking like brand new, and i got tons of compliments on it. love that you caught onto this great site too!

Shannon said...

I so would have rented my prom dress! Genius.


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