Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Best Idea Ever That Would Also Invade Everyone's Privacy

I just had a great idea in the car on my way home from another miserable day of work! What if you videotaped people singing in their cars and then had a lip-reading expert analyze the tapes? It could totally be, like, a really funny show or series of internetz video clips. SO pitching this idea to Vh1-- it'll be called "Lip-Sync: Kinda Actually About Music."

The only reason I thought of this, by the way, was because of how loudly and enthusiastically I sang along to "Danger Zone" on my way home.

....Please still be friends with me.


amanda said...

I love this!
Then again, I love watching people really getting into music while driving. It's like they don't notice that there are other drivers out there; it's just them and the radio and a tiny space filled with rad tunes.

Brittney said...

I would do this. But then again I have a reputation for shrieking along to whatever's on the radio, and also inflicting lots of Linkin Park on my friends. Hahahaa YES.

Maverick Malone said...

LOL!! I seriously laughed outloud after reading this and then picturing it in my head. That would be so funny! What a cute idea. Haha, we're still friends :P

xox, mavi

Nice and Shiny said...

There is a show like this, isnt there? I swear I've seen a show where they put hidden cameras in 3 ppls cars and then taped them singing to the radio and then decided on a winner in the end. Kinda messed up if you think about it...

I'm glad you liked the "just can't get enough" video. It's irresistable, non?

And I will be blogging better soon, it's just hard out here cos I'm out of my element and I have extremely limited internet connection... I'm in a mcdonalds stealing their Wifi this very moment...! Thanks for your awesome comments :D


Vanessa said...

Nice and Shiny: Whoa, I TOTALLY think I remember that, now that you mention it! Why isn't it on anymore? I forget if it was awesome, but I'm betting it was.


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