Friday, June 12, 2009

Letters to Wet Seal

Dear Wet Seal,

I'm going to make this brief, because it's fairly self-evident with what's wrong with this.

You know how the drinking age in America is 21? And how, you know, you probably shouldn't encourage people younger than that to drink? And how drinking is a huge problem with the young people nowadays (yes, I'm only 20 and I sound like someone's mother, and I'm darn proud of it, thanks for pointing that out)? You know how you bill your store as a "teen" store?


What the fucking fuck? That is all.


P.S. I'm not saying I wouldn't consider getting one of these sets for a friend who drinks, but guess what else? My friends are not your 13-year-old target market.

1 comment:

jules said...

those are weird.


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