Thursday, June 11, 2009

Meet Karl


Karl Lagerfelt, that is.



This awesome mini-Kaiser was made by the fabulous MullishMuse-- an Etsian, of course. I received my Karl finger puppet as a (late because we are not talented at giving gifts) Christmas present from my lovely friend Covino*. It was such an unexpected gift, and so cute. I would definitely recommend any of MullishMuse's cute little dudes as a gift to your own fabulous friends; there are so many to choose from (everything from Vivienne Westwool to Bob Marley to personalized finger puppet portraits!). Except don't buy Elber, okay?

I want him so badly. You think he'd play nice with Karl? Does he like Diet Coke, too?

*If you're curious, I gave her the soundtrack for season one of Project Runway.


Gladys Lopez said...

wow, so cute! haha.
it reminds me of the puppet kits by martha stewart at wal-mart!

Mary said...

Wittiest thing ever!


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