Tuesday, June 23, 2009

If The Shoe Doesn't Fit, Wear It

A couple of years ago, I bought the most fabulous pair of shoes I own. They're the MIA "Venice" gold heels that I originally learned about in a post that Winona over at Daddy Likey penned about gold shoes. I fell in love with them on the site, but hardly gave them another thought until I spotted them on the sales rack in my local Macy's. I had to have them, especially on sale for a mere fifty big ones. I snapped 'em up in a size 7 M.


loves of my life
(you can tell which shot was taken with the new nikon fo' sho')

(also *ahem*nice sock line classy *ahem*)

Since these shoes were so lovely that I was afraid to wear them, it took me a long time to find out that... well, they didn't actually fit that well. They were actually rather big (my shoe size ranges from about 6-7), and every time I would take a step, my heel would go *pop!* and slip right on out of the shoe. My beauties were relegated to the shoe rack to be seen and not worn. Until now.

it's like that time link come to town to save the princess zelda, except link is a rubbery insert and zelda is a stilleto

On my way home from work tonight, I picked up some Dr. Scholl's For Her heel liners. Heel liners are basically the same thing as those cushy insoles you slip in your shoes, except they adhere to the back of the heel instead of on the bottom of the shoe. I figured I had to try them, because I'm sick of not wearing my favorite pair of shoes. I also figured it would be more comfortable than a bunch of Kleenex in the toe.

I peeled off the sticker on the liners and slipped them carefully into the shoes.

you can hardly tell they're in there!

Now the time has come to prance around the room.

[Hold music/passing-of-time music if you wish to simulate actually waiting for me to test my shoes. If not, skip ahead to the next line]

*Some prancing later...*

The material is comfy, though a little slicker than I would have preferred. Still, the slippage I was experiencing has nearly disappeared, and I think these babies are now wearable! I'm more than psyched.

I know, I know, a pretty obvious conclusion. After all, it's a pretty self-explanatory product. The real test of them will be seeing if the liners stay put during a night out at the girlies or on a classy date with Lucas. For now, I think the $5.99 I spent on them was way worth it.*

Buy your own Dr. Scholl's Heel Liners here (these ones are a mere $4.99!) or in your local grocery and salvage your favorite too-big shoes!

*On a lot of websites, I've seen some pretty negative reviews of this product-- mostly that the adhesive supposedly blows. I try not to put too much stock into online reviews, as I always find people are way more likely to go online and bash something than to talk about how great it is (for example, if you believe the internet, you will know for a fact that there is not a single medication known to man that works). I've spent a bit walking back and forth in these puppies and I've found that the heel liners seem plenty awesome. Of course, if they peel off the first time I really wear them out, I'll tell y'all. All I'm sayin' is that if you go online lookin' for some more reviews, take what you read with a big, hulking grain of salt. Heck, take my opinion with a grain of salt. Don't really judge a product until you try it.


lisa said...

Cute shoes! I swear by heel liners for my shoes; my right foot is smaller than my left foot and I often need one to keep my shoe from slipping off. I've tried these clear gel heel liners and I'm afraid I'll have to agree with the reviewers who say the adhesive isn't that great. After a day of wear, the clear gel liner will start scrunching up and eventually peeling off. The ones I always buy are the classic gray ones by Dr. Scholl's. They don't look as fancy but the adhesive is so much stronger. Once you stick those on they definitely stay put!

Eri said...

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