Friday, June 19, 2009

You Like Me! You Really Like Me!

Recently when I was putzing around the blogs on my blogroll, I got a big surprise. Jessica over at Saturday Jane has bestowed upon little ol' me the Honest Scrap Award! How excited am I?! I've never received a blog award before, so I feel like this is cause to celebrate. I usually do that by eating some delicious ice cream with an ungodly amount of sprinkles. I really do not believe in using sprinkles sparingly. Anyway...

The rules for this award are that I write ten random things about myself, and then share the love with a few of my favorite bloggers.

Without further ado, Ten Things About Me

1. I suppose it's a little bit self-evident, what with the name of this blog, but I like to consider myself a dork. I spent most of my childhood reading (including the entire 892 page "Canine Lexicon" over 3 times; I also made my first attempt at War and Peace in the seventh grade). I have never had a horde of friends, I had a 4.0 in high school, and I look up videos of obscure foreign cultural practices or medical procedures. I now spend a lot of free time playing with my DS and memorizing bits of Shakespeare. I am socially awkward at times.

2. I adore J.D. Salinger. I first fell in love with his style when I read Catcher in the Rye. I love how he writes in such a conversational way, while still seeming sophisticated, deep, and endlessly clever. Whenever I read his stories, I always find myself stopping to smile or laugh. I aspire to write in a way that gives people that same sense of joy as I get when I read Salinger.

3. When I was a little girl, I had an imaginary husband. His name was Mark, and he was a surgeon.

4. Wet bread would probably qualify as one of my biggest fears. It's disgusting.

5. I've never smoked or done any drugs. I only drink very occasionally with my friends, and when I do, it's normally no more than one drink. I feel as if I'm one of the last people on earth who really believes that you don't need drugs or alcohol to have fun.

6. I love martial arts movies. I'm a second degree brown belt in Shaolin Kempo Karate, and I briefly studied kung fu. I often wish I had continued with karate to get my black belt.

7. My day usually begins with watching Pokemon.

8. I once won an award for being "Most Likely to Hit Someone on a Bike" during my high school tennis days.

9. I can ask you how you are and where you're from in Gaelic. Seriously, I'm going to get beyong chapter one of "Teach Yourself Gaelic" at some point.

10. I think six-pack abs are a total turn-off.

Well that was fun! Now you know ten more obscure-ish facts about me! I'm sure this will enrich your experience with my blog and with life in general.

So who shall I tag for the Honest Scrap Award? I've been thinking about this a bit, as Jessica tagged a few blogs that I would have chosen myself. I've decided to just tag the blogs I love regardless of any knowledge of previous taggage. Give us 20 facts, even, if you feel so inclined!

I tag (in no partic-- well, in alphabetical order):

Blog for No One in Particular

Candy Hearts

Hail Mary

Lemon Love

Maverick Malone

Nice and Shiny


Ruby Bastille

Again, thanks to Jessica a whole, whole bunch for the tag-- I really appreciate it.

Have a lovely Tuesday, lovely people.

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