Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A Practice in Forgiveness

by jennipenni

Write a "thank you" letter to someone who has hurt you. Tell them what they taught you about life, love, friendship, trust. The people that hurt us are often the people we want to forget, but they're also often the ones we owe our happiness and strength to.

Write a "thank you" letter. Send it. Don't send it. Tear it up and burn it. Cry over it until you can't read it. Show it to your significant other, your mom, your dog. Fold it into a paper airplane and send it soaring through the neighborhood for a stranger to read.

Write a "thank you" letter and truly be thankful. Truly do your best to forgive.

Write a "thank you" letter.


Kitty said...

Nice thought.

Laells said...

That's definitely something I should do but I'm still too stubborn and angry to do it.

It's a really good idea that I'm going to keep in mind though for one day down the road.


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