Monday, August 31, 2009

RIP Really Old Crappy Flip Flops

I will be very honest with you and say that for some reason unbeknownst to me at this time, I hate the idea of wearing new flip-flops. I refuse to shop for them, and when my mother kindly picks a pair up for me at the store, they generally get exiled to the farthest, darkest corner of my room I can find. It is for that reason I have been wearing the same terribly old, dirty, no-foamy-support-left-whatsoever flip-flops for the past, oh, three years. I'm not even exaggerating, people. Three years. This makes them, in the world of $10 sandals, pretty much like sea turtles for your feet. Remember that from Kratt's Creatures? They live to approximately a zillion. I think that's exactly what they said, too. A zillion.

Of course, when it came time to choose just 10 pairs of shoes (which turned into 12, but is still a huge improvement) to bring with me to college, I grabbed my ratty old flip-flops and declared them to be my everyday sort of footwear, as the only other summer-ish shoes I brought were a pair of white Skechers flats that make my feet sweaty and my sky-high Forever21 beauties. Needless to say, I planned on wearing the flip-flops just about every day, and I was okay with that. I wanted that.

Then, tragedy struck. Today, on the first day of class and only my second day at school, I was walking home from my news writing class. As I approached the front door to my dorm I thought to myself "huh, I wonder if I can see into my boyfriend's window from here." I walked back and forth a few times, creepily craning my neck around in search of which room was most likely to be his and not giving a single thought to the horrible event that was about to happen.

I tripped. Out of nowhere. No reason, it seemed. I looked around. Good, no one sa-- WHY IS MY FOOT NO LONGER IN MY SHOE?!

This is why.

I hobbled back to my room. I stared at the dead flip flop. I couldn't make any more excuses to keep them, and I think, what with the wonderful, exciting, sea-turle-length life they lived, they would have gladly, willingly signed a "Do Not Resuscitate" form if they were animate objects at all.


I lowered them into the trash, and now they're gone. Forever.

I miss them already, but I know they would have wanted me to get a new pair of flip-flops, except I don't want new flip-flops, I want those flip-flops.

Today was a tragic day.

Have you ever worn something until it fell apart? Did you need a support group to get through it?


Shayla said...

Ah! I can completely relate to this! I once has these amazing houndstooth peep toe flats with bows on the tops from Steve Madden. They were seriously amazing. They were pretty much everything I love in a shoe all in one. I wore them almost every single day for a couple years, and by the time I got to college they were pretty much destroyed, but I kept wearing them. I didn't really realize they were that bad until my dorm-mates stole them, threw them down in the basement so I couldn't find them, and eventually threw them out. I still miss them. If I ever find similar ones, I'm going to buy two pairs just in case.

Vanessa said...

Shayla: I can't believe you didn't strangle your dorm-mate! Good luck finding more, though. Maybe someday.

I also have a pair of flats that got really worn out/were denim (I know that sounds weird, but they're cute, trust me) and I always made the mistake of bringing them to school and HAPPENING to always wear them when it rained. They always got all soggy and miserable. Yuck! I decided to leave them at home so I don't push them closer to death.

Kitty said...

Oh Darling, I understand. I do this with all my shoes. Don't get me wrong. I love LOOKING at beautiful new shoes, but I know that as soon as I drop $60 on them and latch them on, they will begin biting off my toes. So, if I actually get a comfortable pair, I wear them FOREVER! When they break, I panic and take them to my local shoe surgeon, who normally manages to perform some shoe miracle. Occasionally, he tells me one of my darling sets of twins have passed on, and I'm devastated.

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Footguyj5 said...

I would love to sniff all over those stinky sweaty flipflops


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