Friday, March 27, 2009

Shoe Blogage

Blogage? Bloggage? I think made-up words are the hardest to spell sometimes.

I promised you about a week or so ago that I'd be telling you about my very first adventure into Forever21 shoes (and ordering shoes online, might I add). I've been skeptical for awhile because of the mixed reviews I tend to see. While I see some bloggers (my main source of fashion know-how, nowadays, so a hearty THANK YOU to anyone reading this right now whose on my daily blogroll!) wearing Forever21 shoes on a pretty regular basis, I've heard my share of "THEY WILL FALL APART THE MOMENT YOU WEAR THEM AND THEN YOUR FEET WILL GROW GIANT BLACK WARTS AND NO ONE WILL LOVE YOU EVER AGAIN!" Eesh. But when I saw these for only about $25, I just had to have them, especially considering that right now it's becoming warm and I realized I had to throw away my old flip flops and that practically the only other summer shoes I have are peeptoe wedges, and we all know how those are not walking-around-all-day shoes. I mean, these probably aren't either, but... you know what? I've accepted how hopelessly impractical I can be.

It took me a little over a week to receive my package, which is a-okay with me. I think it may have seemed to be quite longer, since I was eagerly awaiting my chance to try them on.

Here is the box, because I figured that I absolutely had to talk a picture of the box to a) show you what it looked like in case you wondered, b) show you that it isn't engulfed in flames of fashion doom, and c) be boring. I'm really boring sometimes. Thank you for putting up with me.

I pulled the shoes from the box, with an exclamation of "HOLY CRAP, THESE ARE WICKED CUTE, BUT HOW ON EARTH WILL I WALK IN THEM?!" This coming from a girl who lives in heels. I think these shoes are five inches tall. Five. That means they make me 5'4" (I am 4'11" normally, if it's early in the morning or late at night and you don't feel like thinking about math, or if you just never feel like thinking about math, in which case I totally feel ya). They make me normal-ish height. That's... that's a tall shoe.

So I finally got up the courage to strap these babies on, and I was actually pleasantly surprised. I don't think the leather-- erm, faux leather (really soft, comfy faux leather)-- straps are going to rub my feet in all sorts of painful ways, so that was a good start. But could I walk? I will now show you empirical proof that I was able to walk all the way from my room to the bathroom across the hall. I had to go take pictures in the bathroom, by the way, because I was all alone with no photographer and I don't even have a full-length mirror (RIP the two mirrors my roommate and I have accidentally broken). I figured the lighting was better in there anyway. That was my main reason.

Okay, and maybe being all Myspace-y and taking a picture of myself with the faucet and the outlet and everything-- class-ay. That dress is Forever21, too, by the way, and I am quite pleased with that purchase so far (even though I'm constantly fearing that it will fall apart of its own accord, just because how everyone says those things happen, but I have another dress from Forever21 that's actually held up great after tons of washing and wearing).

Hi, I like to do long parenthetical asides.

Anyway, back on track. Shoes on feet:

You know, I'm quite pleased to say that in spite of how tall these shoes are, I think they're going to be pretty comfy to wear for longish periods of time, not to mention to wear during swanky-ish dinners with the man in my life and such. And, c'mon, how cute? (I'm just waiting for someone to mention the evil that is ankle-straps, but I don't even care-- ankle straps be damned, I love these sandals).

All in all, I think this was a great little experiment, and I'm quite happy with the results. As far as I can tell right now, I'd encourage the rest of you to snag a pair and teeter around in them all summer long. We can be twinsies. I will have to let you know, though, if that whole omg-shoes-fall-apart-get-hideous-warts-stop-being-loved thing happens at some point. Fingers crossed.


Sal said...

Super cute! And wedges are my go-to when I need a walkable shoe with some height.

Anonymous said...

Man, those shoes are sex on wheels! Nice pick!

amanda said...

Those are some hot shoes!

You may hate ankle straps, but on vertigo-inducing heels, they're what keep you stable. I wear heels a lot, and refuse to buy any without an ankle strap; otherwise, my feet slide all over the place and I'm constantly trying to keep myself from falling on my face instead of, you know, walking.

Anonymous said...

nice jugs. shame about the arms. and everything else.


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