Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Can You Even Fathom How Important This Is?!

Holy crap, do I love Express. I mean, yeah, they're expensive, but they have great, great clothes and super-duper-a-million-percent-off sales pretty frequently; in fact I have a friend who got a pair of $90 pants for 15 big ones, and I snatched up my favorite purse ever-- orignally $40-- for the low, low price of ten freaking dollars. Seriously, wait your favorite items out and you'll get them for ridiculous prices. Also, Express is one of the only places I buy clothes for my boyfriend-- he loves their graphic tees and military shirts.

Of course, I was really excited to see that Lucky and Express are having a giveaway of sorts. Sign up at this address and simply press a button to enter for a chance to win. What are you trying to win? Every day that you enter you get the opportunity to win a $50 Express gift card as well as some Lucky shopping manuals. Furthermore, you're entered in a drawing for a $1000 gift card to Express. Oh my goodness does that concept excite me!

Like, seriously, what would I use all that money for? Glad you asked. Here's a sampling:

I'm totally in love with this tank dress, and I'd probably wear it just about every day if I had it.


How long have I been looking for a cardigan? Nope, don't own one. It's really a shame, but I can never find one that buttons exactly right. I almost succeeded the other day at Old Navy, but my boyfriend kindly pointed out that the darn thing-- which I tried on in a size or so bigger than I usually wear-- was down to my knees. This cardigan, though, doesn't even button at all, so I could circumvent that problem entirely. Plus, it looks so comfy and warm!

birdseye military topcoat: $298

My boyfriend also has an article of clothing he's been searching for forever: a great formal coat. I love this one for its military details, and you know it's warm because it's wool (and maybe a little itchy, but I can look over that while fantasy shopping). Neither of us could fit this coat into our budget now, but you know if I were handed a giant gift card, this would be up at the top of my "To Buy" list.

I know this is a very ho-hum-looking purchase, but hear me out: Express has the best dress shirts I've ever worn. I have always had terrible luck finding dress shirts that are quality and fit properly over my quite large chest. Express's Essential Shirts are amazingly perfect in every way, and I want one of every single color. Seriously, ladies, if you've had a problem with poppage, go to Express right now and try one of these shirts on; you'll want to invest in one, I promise.


How pretty is this cuff? I love that all the hearts are different, and the hinge closure makes it an easy fit on almost any wrist. Seriously, you know you've been there: you attempted to try on a bracelet that just a wee bit too small, and you're left struggling in front of some bemused employee as you try to wiggle it off your hand. Hinges eliminate this problem.

So now's your chance! Go enter the contest and try your luck to win a fantastic gift card to a fantastic store! What've you got to lose?

all photos are screenshots from the express website.


Sydnie said...

I gave you award! Recieve it by heading over to my blog. Congratulations!


Eri said...


Nice to see you back, that cuff is so pretty, I really liked.

Advanced congratulations on you award.

See ya.

Vanessa said...

Sydnie: Awww! Thanks, I'll go right on over and check it out!

Eri: Haha, thanks for your congrats in advanced. You two girls are awesome.

Kitty said...

I so want a coat like that for my husband. It's really time he started looking decent!


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