Friday, September 11, 2009

Guilty Pleasure Radio

We all have a few songs on our computers and/or mp3 players that we love rocking out to in our underwear-- when we're alone. If someone else is around? We resist the urge to sing and dance and happily bop our heads to the beat in favor of pressing "next," blushing, and mumbling something about having no idea how such trash got on there. We all have a few guilty little pleasures in our musical arsenal that we'd prefer no one know about.

A few of mine? You have to virtually pinkie swear you'll still think I'm cool, k? Because you already think I'm cool. That's just a given.

Bad Balance: Voina

No, I don't speak Russian. I hardly listen to rap in English. I couldn't find a translation, but if you happen to speak Russian, I'd love to actually know what (likely horrible) lyrics I've been listening to these past few years.

Cobra Starship: Bring It (Snakes on a Plane)

And the best rap break in a song about snakes goes to...

Ernie from Seseme Street: I Don't Want to Live on the Moon

I can only get all verklempt while listening to this when I'm alone. No, I'm not still in kindergarten, thank you very much.

Journey: Open Arms

I such a cheesily awesome song.

Sean Kingston: Me Love

For all those fans of Beautiful Girls (answer: yes, that one's on my mp3 player, too).

Britney Spears: Circus

I didn't want to like this song.

Pokemon Johto Theme Song

I can't justify this.

What guilty pleasures do you listen to? Be honest!


Brittney said...

Dude I really get you about the Sesame Street songs. The Jim Henson songwriting team was SUPER GENIUS about writing songs that make me sob, though mine are from the movies-- "Saying Goodbye" from The Muppets Take Manhattan ( and Gonzo's "I'm Going To Go Back There Someday" bring TEARS AND SOBBING AND AWESOME.

My most embarassing top songs though, are the Speed Racer theme ( (Courtesy of SATURDAY JANE THANK YOU VERY MUCH) and also probably the Macarena. Not even going to try, with that one.

Vanessa said...

Brittney: if we're going to mention Muppets Take Manhattan, we have to just acknowledge how adorable this is

Gladys Lopez said...

Paolo is one of my favorite musicians! that sunday night was totally crazy. i met two of my favorite people in the world on one night. (:


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