Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Spring 2010: An Aside

While I was browsing today's collections (yep, before 9 AM), I got a little distracted from enjoying the Marc Jacobs details by the same thing that has distracted me a zillion times before.

her feet are not too sexy for her shoes

Models have some nasty feet.

I mean, I'm guessing you or I would, too, if our job was to walk around for weeks straight in the Medieval torture devices designers call high fashion shoes, but you'd really think that photographers would think twice before handing over a detail of a model's bloody, crunched toes as something they actually expect a site to consider posting-- especially when she's wearing the same shoes as half of the other models.

Perhaps this is what it means when they say that beauty is pain, but either way it makes me pretty darn thankful I'm not a model.

[Check back for more on the spring 2010 fashion week(s) as they unfold!]

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