Tuesday, November 3, 2009

So You Married a Horse-Human

Victoria's Secret's brand new bridal bikini is sort of a scroll-down surprise.

victoria's secret $30

Personally, I'm a little confused by the butt-veil. For one, it's not really veiling her butt. It's just sort of hanging down with no purpose in life. Oddly, Victoria's Secret attempts no mention or explanation of said butt-veil. I don't like when there's something that seems to be important in the picture and they don't mention it-- does a butt-veil actually come with these panties? I'd better get that much fabric if I'm shelling out 30 buckaroos. Furthermore, how long is said butt-veil? I need measurements, people. I don't think I'm tall enough for these panties. I'm pretty sure the night would start out all great and seductive and end with me sporting a really attractive shiner (something blue!).

Mostly, though, it just kinda of reminds of what you would wear if you want to dress up for Halloween as one of the Pastoral Symphony centaurs from Fantasia.


Kelly said...

The centaurs were my favorite part of Fantasia when I was little....hmmm, or they were equal with the pegasus family.

I need to watch that again.

Kitty said...

A hit...and a miss. :)


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