Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Results May Vary

Today's Results May Vary Playlist:

I'm Yours - Jason Mraz
Stop and Say You Love Me - Evans Blue
Walk Like an Egyptian - The Bangles
Desperado - The Eagles
I Hear the Bells - Mike Doughty
I've Got You (Under My Skin) - Frank Sinatra
King Without a Crown - Matisyahu
Watching the River Run - Loggins and Messina
Don't Look Away - Joshua Radin
Finale B - Original Cast of RENT (video is not of the entire original cast)
Doesn't Remind Me - Audioslave

vogue australia: see the rest here

* There's going to be a Blog Carnival at *eLLa*! Submit some of your favorite articles or brand new content to the blog and possibly get featured during the festivities!

*Princess Khutulun told Genghis Khan, her uncle, that she wouldn't marry until she found a man who could win against her in a wrestling match. If they lost, they had to give her 100 horses. She dies leaving no husband and 10,000 horses. More unsung female heroes.

*Coco Rocha is adorable, so watch her Wii dance.

*I almost cried watching this woman make sand paintings. Kseniya Simonova may be the most talented artist on Earth.

*I want to throw a fabulous party using these tea cups (at least one set in every color, of course!)

by birdie2533

*Following up on my post on Good Hair: Tami at Racialicious talks about her she loves her natural hair. Also, the infamous Glamour magazine incident.

*These children are going to be Olympians someday.

*NSFW: Porn Star Sasha Grey as seen in Vice. Photos by Richard Kern.

*Have we been in living Hyrule all along? Triforce on the one dollar bill.

zhang ziyi in vogue- the rest

*How do you know if your blog is effective? How do you get the most out of your comments? Thanks to Nubby Twiglet for linking to these.

*Make your favorite Nintendo characters out of paper.

*Speaking of Nintendo.... I laughed so hard: Super Mario 2 with Hardcore Commentary. You'll never look at Birdo with a straight face again.

*You SO know guys like these. And someone oblivious as to how obnoxious their girlfriend/boyfriend is. Awesome Avril Lavigne parody.


These are some of the things I'm lovin' this week, but results may vary. Tell me what you think in the comments!


Kelly said...

omg - that picture with the balloons is gorgeous

Elaine said...

Thanks for all these links! I'm headed over to the blog-helps.... :)


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