Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Problem With Meep

I wanted to post about something else today, and if you want a real post where I write about actual things, you may want to go one post down and check out my money-saving celebration tips, but a gazillion Facebook statuses and news stories prompted me to mention something entirely different.

The high school I went to banned the word "meep."

Just sit back and process that for a second. Meep. Like what Beaker says. You know, that lovable Muppet who never gets a break.

Meep like that.

All I could gather from the annoyingly vague articles was that students suddenly started saying it all the time in a certain area of the school (rumor has it, where a much-maligned teacher who "looks like Beaker" has his classroom, though I can tell you he doesn't really at all and isn't a bad guy). And then, horror of all horrors, they started a Facebook group to organize a some sort of "disruption," which I can only guess would have been everyone going to a certain place and meeping at the same time. Which is, yes, disruptive and immature, especially if it's really being used to make fun of a teacher, but I doubt sending a phone call home to parents that their kids will be suspended from school if they meep is really the way to solve things. I mean, don't they always tell you that if someone is just being plain ol' annoying, ignore them and eventually they'll stop having fun and go away?

Now I don't know if "meep" has been given an actual meaning by the kids as Danvers High School. They say it has no meaning, but of course, I'm pretty sure kids wouldn't tell reporters that it has some offensive connotation. The principal says, however, that he doesn't see banning the word as an actual banning of the word, but of the disruptive conduct that's been paired with it. He is also setting up a forum for parents about Facebook and how children are using it (sometimes) for ill.

Really, I just wanted to share with you my pride in Danvers High School. See, back in my day, all we had were the football cheerleaders who got completely trashed before the only championship football game our team had pretty much ever been in ever and proceeded to resist arrest and pee in cop cars. Then there were the basketball cheerleaders who made a sex tape and distributed it by e-mail. And then we had a bomb threat that lasted several days, but that's pretty boring when you compare it to our other two major scandals.

Did I mention now if you type "meep" into Google, the first prompt is this:


Pride, people. Major pride.

What was the meepin' craziest thing that ever happened at your high school?

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