Friday, January 8, 2010

Love 365: Day Two - Seven

I love how I try my best to be optimistic. I naturally tend to see the glass half empty, but I still find myself working to turn negatives into positives. The world seems more beautiful that way.

I love my boobs. I know a lot of girls with larger breasts really dislike them, but they're one of the parts of my body that I never feel bad about. Yes, they make it harder to fit into certain clothing, and I need a really awesome, high-tech sports bra, but they also make me feel supremely sexy. My ample chest is part of what makes me womanly, and I love that.

I love that I'm always trying to make people laugh, even if I have to be a little ridiculous sometimes.

I love my curls. I'll leave it at that since I have a post coming on the subject.

I love how caring I can be. When I was younger, my mother would always criticize me because she thought I was uncaring, unfeeling, selfish. We had a horrible relationship back then, and I know the way we treated each other contributed to what an awful person she saw me as (plus, I can be quite the contrarian). I never let her make me believe that I really wasn't a caring individual, and I frequently see how wrong she was through the way I treat my friends, my boyfriend, and even people I don't know.

I love how I squint one eye when I laugh really hard.

I love that, like a five-year-old, I'm always asking "why?"



I love my chest. I think one of the aesthetic features that says a man is strong is his chest, and I think that mine says that I'm no namby-pamby.



I love my unfailing optimism that will stand in the face of anything-- devastating rebuffs, failures, cold rainy days, and those times when inspiration refuses to come out of its rabbit hole. I love that instead of falling back, I can take a deep breath and dive into the magic growing beneath the surface. Here's to staying positive!

--Tee, Kalonity



A favourite picture of myself. I love my hair, my eyebrows, my cheekbones, my eyes and my smile. <3>

I love that I've finally realized that I'm worth being loved. I love the fact that I'm slowly beginning to love myself again and I can see that I am a beautiful and wonderful woman that deserves it all. Just like you. <3

--Julie, Laells


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Sydnie said...

You're so gorgeous! It's wonderful that you're so accepting of yourself. I think more people need to be like that, and the world will be a little happier!


Kelly said...

I love my boobs too! OK, there are days I get tired of lugging around this big, cumbersome, sore mounds, but in general, they make me feel awesome.

Also - that picture at the top is too cute!

Katie said...

I found your blog through clicking on profile links from the comments on Hail Mary and I am absolutely in blog love. Just though I would let you know.

Vanessa said...

Sydnie: Thanks, girl!

Kelly: Seriously, big boobs have their ups and downs, but there's no denying how awesome they are, right? :-P And I wish they really made tea bags like in that picture.

Katie: Aw, thank you so much! I hope I'll be seeing you around here again :)

Jem said...

I absolutly love what you are trying to do on your blog, its totally inspiring! thanks for your wonderful comment on my blog too. :)

jules said...


Tee said...

Just a little thing- it's Kalonity with an "a" ... but in any case, it's a lovely feature that you're doing :) thanks!!

Vanessa said...

Tee- oops, sorry! Fixed :)

Nina said...

I'm going to channel YOU and try to love myself a little more ... I would love to have your boobs though ... I'm flat as a board! Tears!

Anonymous said...
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