Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Style and Life Lessons I've Learned from My Boyfriend: On Shoes

Me: "I read a blog post once about how girls should stop caring about what guys think of their shoes 'cause--"

Luke: "If girls are buying shoes to impress guys... well that's fucking stupid. Can I be honest with you? I never notice what shoes you're wearing. I don't give a fuck what shoes you're wearing, unless you're wearing sneakers. I like when you wear sneakers. I think it's cute. You know what? You know when I notice your shoes? When I fucking trip over them."

Lesson 1: don't buy shoes to impress anyone but yourself, and especially not guys. Guys do not care about my cool new shoes now, and they never will.

Lesson 2: make sure my shoes are put away where they can't harm feet or create resentment.

Who do you most hope to get outfit compliments from? Guys or girls? Does your boyfriend share my boyfriend's hatred of the high heel?


Kelly said...

Hmmm the questions are tough. Most of all I want to get outfit compliments from MY guy. But after him, I'd rather get them from girl friends/strangers than guy friends/strangers. (In general, of course - BF doesn't love everything I have, but I still wear it). But if I'm trying to dress with BF specifically in mind, like if we're going out on a date or something, chances are I'm in more guy-friendly outfit anyway, even though I'm not exactly looking for compliments from other guys.

BF does like hot shoes though. At least that's what he tells me. And he hates tripping over them too, but I cannot stop piling them up around the door! ahhhh!

Anonymous said...

I think this is good advice but from a personal perspective. Some guys love heels and how women's legs look in them. some like sneakers. all depends. I LOVE SHOES so I personally could care less who likes them...haha

Bebo said...

I'm good as long as no one tells me my shoes are gross. I wore my lawn-mowing shoes to the grocery store yesterday. I wonder if anyone even noticed...

Tee said...


I think the biggest shoe compliments I've gotten from guys (actually, girls too) have been on my bright blue glittery...sneakers.

But in general, I really don't think they notice shoes much. Most people are taking in the whole outfit, anyway. Just dress for yourself! :)

the.end.of.the.day said...

My feller adores shoes. I was always into impressive and unique heels, but he takes shoe-appreciation to a new level entirely. (He bought me, as a surprise, the most fabulous pair of Manolo Blahniks I own.) Perhaps my case is unique, but I don't think it's fair to generalize.

Given this, I think people should dress for themselves. If you do that, you'll telegraph your tastes and preferences to the parter right for you. (:


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