Friday, February 19, 2010

Love 365: Day Forty-Four - Fifty

I love that I'm trying to be more socially conscious.

I love that I can say I've never done drugs or smoked a cigarette.

I love that I'm a "one of the guys" kinda girl.

I love my hands. I love hands in general.

I love the big, reddish birthmark on my right shin. The first time people notice it, they always go "what did you do to your leg?!" When I was very small, I used to try to scrub it off in the bath tub. At one point I thought it was a bruise and someday, hopefully, it'd go away. I wouldn't want it to anymore.

I love that I'm sarcastic.

I love that, when I was little, I never played with Barbies. I played with dinosaurs.


I love my voice.



One thing I really love about myself are my long fingers. I have hands like a concert pianist, which always makes me feel delicate when I glance at them :)



I love that I'm usually super indecisive, but when there's a panicky situation where no one knows what to do, I'm calm, collected, and an excellent decision-maker.



I'm a good cook. I am inventive and resourceful in the kitchen, and oh how I love those tasty results.

I am creative. I make things with my hands and I write songs.

I love my tolerance. I love people unconditionally, no matter how different we may be.

I try to do nice things for other people and make their day a little brighter.

I love that even when things are difficult, I am able to carry on, think ahead, stay optimistic, and smile.

I love that therapy is teaching me valuable lessons, and that I am able to apply them to everyday life.

I love that I can be spiritual, even though I don't follow a religion. The beauty of life amazes me every day.

I love my drive to improve myself and to work on things that are important to me.

I love my curves.



I love the way I love the stars, and how I remember to look up. There is always something amazing up there, and I don´t want to miss any UFo sightings.

I love how I don´t care about fashion, how I give myself the freedom to wear whatever catches my fancy.

I love the way I don´t need to fit in, how I can be free from the mainstream. I love the way I can feel at home all around the world.

I love the way I like healthy food. I love the way my hair has become ever since I started eating healthier. I love the way I´ve learned to respect my body.

I love the way I enjoy cleaning and uncluttering. How I´m learning to live with less.

I love the way I take time to learn things, to research the best way. The way I try hard to do it best as I can.

I love the way my collar bones make me look slim, even when I gain weight. I love how I´ve stopped hating the flaws in my body.

I love the way I´m breaking through my own limitations. The way I´m breaking out of my shy shell. I love how it´s possible to become the person I want to be.

--Eternal*Voyageur, Venusian*Glow, Flickr


I love that I am completely obsessed with lists and schedules and still manage to be the most unorganised person around.

I love that i've managed to stay close to the same people for over ten years and no matter how much we want to kill each other at time be so supportive.

I love that as a single mother I've raised a son who so far is completely open, trusting and secure and very happy.

--Bec, Brunch at Tiffanies


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Rachel Elizabeth said...

This boosts my self-esteem just reading it.

Leia said...

This is so nice! I love your blog. I just read your comment on Ella's blog (and yes, long distance relationships are incredibly hard!) and thought I'd stop by and say hello. Love love your blog!

Sydnie said...

I've never done drugs or smoked cigarettes either, and it's one of the things I love the most about myself! I'm glad I have someone to share that with!


Vanessa said...

Rachel Elizabeth: Aww, glad to hear it!

Leia: Hi, Leia! Glad you stopped by. I hope I'll hear from you again soon, yes?

Sydnie: I would give you a hug and a high five if I could ;)


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