Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Case of the Worries

I have a worry problem. When I start worrying, I don't stop. I'm one of those people that, when I get a concern into my head, I can't make it leave until it's resolved-- and even when it's resolved, I might still worry about it. Sometimes I get so worried that I just have to cry. Sometimes I worry that I cry too often. I worry because I don't know what I should worry about. I worry that I worry too much.

I wish I could turn this into a great article about how to stop worrying, but I don't know the answer to that yet. I believe that what's meant to be will be, and that we're all placed on an invisible track like human Disney rides. I like the idea of fate, but it's often not enough to relax my frazzled nerves. I'm not the right person to ask for tips on how to just relax.

This song is the only answer I can think of lately.

What do you do when you come down with The Worries? Or are you just super chilled-out all the time? In which case, tell me your secret!


corazones rojos said...

Because I'm a habitual procrastinator, I always have the Worries. I have a constant knot in my stomach from worrying about bills, work, and just all-around life. I just can't be one of those people that's care-free and chill. It's the worst; I know how you feel.

Zmaga said...

I totally see what you mean, I worry all the time and I get nervous when I stop worrying so I start worrying again.

Laells said...

You are definitely not the only one. I have a pretty wicked worrying/over analyzing problem.

Music can help take my mind off it but sometimes music can make it worse.

I actually end up going quote hunting. I collect quotes that I like but when I go to the page I'll look through them by topic. So if I'm worrying about something work related I might go collect ones about stress.

I'm way too wordy and I can can my feelings down in art but in words I can't. Quotes help me put feelings in perspective somehow.

But that song was very nice and mellow. I likes. <3


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