Friday, March 12, 2010

Love 365: Day 65 - 71

I love that I'm a completionist.

I love my small hands.

I love that I'm short. Really, really short.

I love that I know what I'm good at, and I'm not afraid to admit it.

I love that I'm punctual.

I love my wrists.

I love myself for considering change for the sake of my convictions: I'm trying to ease into vegetarianism. If any of you are vegetarian/vegan and have tips, recipes, etc. that you'd want to share, I'd be really grateful!



I love that I'm a gentleman.



I love that I can make an awesome cheese sauce from scratch.



I love that I'm one of "those" morning people. You know the ones that can wake up anytime of the day and as soon as their feet hit the floor they're awake and chipper and raring to go. Yup that's me. I love that I can help people get into a better mood just by sitting beside my bubblyness. <3

Julie, +Laells+


I love my short hair, I know it's not really ME as such but it's new and exciting.

I love my geeky passions, how I can get into huge rants about a minute detail of a book or movie.

I love the fact I'm willing to help people.  I have a friend in hospital at the moment and it's great to see everyone else team together to take care of her and her family.

I love my immature sense of humour.  Those who can't giggle for an hour at bum jokes have no idea what they're missing out on :)

--Bec, Brunch at Tiffanies


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Diana said...

These Love 365 posts always make me smile :)

Nina (Femme Rationale) said...

i love this! so positive.

Greta said...

Oh, you're going vegetarian too! That's great. Perhaps you could share some of your tips, and the ones that you'll hopefully recieve from others? I'd love that!

Vanessa said...

Greta: I'll try to do a post on it as I get farther into the process. Right now I'm trying to do it within a month. I'm doing in 3 days a week for 2 weeks, than 5 days a week for another 2 weeks, and hopefully being able to do it full time after that. We'll see how it goes! I'll share if I get any good tips, too!

Bec said...

The main tip I have is don't bother trying to replace meat with fake meat products. You can get some nice veggies sausages now and I get these cool veggies snitzel(sp) things but the majority of fake meat is gross and depressing.

Rather than cooking the same food minus meat cook food that is based around the veggies. I'm trying to eat primarily only whole foods aswell and it's making me feel great.

You will get plenty of iron and protein from leafy green veggies and legumes. We mainly eat stir fried veggies with polenta or brown rice and wholemeal pasta with heaps of veggies pureed into the sauce.


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