Monday, March 1, 2010

Hello, Monday!

Hello, you lovely ladies and gents! I'm in an exceedingly great mood this Monday 'cause guess what-- I was just accepted for an internship! I've been asked to work with The Pulse Magazine, a lifestyle and entertainment magazine over here in Worcester, MA. I'm pretty pumped, I have to admit-- especially because they're already taking about publishing the writing samples I sent them (and if there's anything better than a writing sample, it's a clip). If I accept the position, it's going to be challenging to get back and forth, but I think it'll be totally worth it. I'm in the process of getting the *ahem* deets and filling out paperwork since I need to do the internship for credit.

Other things on my to-do list? I have to finish a video game for homework. Yes, you read that correctly. I chose to write a review for class on Spirit Tracks, which I totally forgot once school reared its ugly head, so I need to actually finish up the game at last. Tough break, I know.

Also, this:

Thanks so much to the wonderful Zmaga for giving me this blog award! You made my day even better! Now I'm supposed to list 7 things about myself, so here we go...

1) I can't watch shows about murder/death while I'm alone at night. I love all sorts of macabre, gory stuff, but if it's past dark and something creepy comes on TV, I can't bear to look.

2) I hate milk chocolate and avoid eating it (as part of a highly desirable candy bar, I can tolerate it-- here's lookin' at you, Butterfinger). However, dark chocolate is one of my favorite things ever.

3) I like more Akon songs than I'm willing to admit.

4) When I go out to eat, I reliably order something involving buffalo chicken. My mother used to joke that I should write a buffalo chicken guidebook. I guess this leads me to wonder when I'll start eating like an adult.

5) My computer contains an absolutely staggering amount of porn.

6) I am a fan of the much-maligned hickey.

7) I hate dudes with six-packs.

Who else should get this award and share some random facts?  Kelly, Sydnie, and Elaine, I choose you!


brlracincwgrl said...

Congrats on the new internship! That's fantastic!

jules said...

oh thats a way cool opportunity!

Kelly said...

CONGRATS! That is too cool

And thank you for my award! You made my day :)

Kelly said...

btw I hate six packs too. My BF doesn't believe me but they just kind of gross me out. I have no desire to be near them or touch them.

amanda said...

3 things:

1. YAY CONGRATS! You're going to wow them with your fabulousness.

2. I love Worcester, MA. I know nothing about it other than the fact that it's pronounced "wuss-tah", which makes me heart giggle.

3. I am not a fan of the hickey; I am a fan of its older sister: neck snogging.

4. I never would have guessed that you were super into porn. You, my dear, are an enigma wrapped in a puzzle topped with a question mark. Of awesome.

5. I am really bad at math.


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