Thursday, April 1, 2010

For Real, Peeps

I don't have too much against Peeps. I actually kind of like them. No one I've met since I've come to college shares my goodwill toward them. Apparently, you don't eat Peeps; you play with them.

The Washington Post holds an annual Peeps Show, dontcha know?

Here are a few of my favorites.

Check out the rest of the fourth annual Peeps Show here-- what were your favorites?


Miss Peregrin said...

That Mario one is super cute! I'm such a nerd that pretty much anything Mario-related is automatically my favourite.

Vanessa said...

Miss Peregrin: I'm not judging-- the Mario one is definitely my favorite, too.

amanda said...

My favourite Peeps diorama ever was a play on 'The Ten Commandments'. It had little chick Moses and the little chick Jews crossing the Red Sea. The title? "Let My Peeps Go"!

Kelly said...

Eeee I love these! I'd only seen a few, and none of these!

Miss Peregrin - haha me too :-D

Rachel Elizabeth said...

Love the Madeline one. Peeps are best stale of course..


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