Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Get Inspired*

Sometimes, when I go to write a post for this blog, I feel myself totally coming up empty or feeling like I'm just writing about the same old thing again. I wouldn't say I get bored with writing, but it's frustrating when you don't feel like you've come with an amazing, novel idea every single day.

So what do I do when I'm not sure what to write about? Well, I go seek out some inspiration. Here are a few great places right on your very own Interwebz for getting out of that creative rut.

(Other than news websites-- because you read those already, right?)

Flickr and WeHeartIt

Searching Flickr or WeHeartIt reliably turns up some awesome results. I get a lot of inspiration for beautiful images and by seeing what people think images should be tagged as. Perhaps you'll find that WeHeartIt is extremely lacking in pictures of full figured or Black women (true) and want to rant about it. Or you'll see a picture of something that jogs your memory of that great story from 8th grade. Or you'll see the prettiest shoes ever. Or maybe you'll want to make a collage of awesome cupcakes and share it with your readers.

Facebook and Twitter

One of the reasons I'm glad I joined Twitter is the fact that people are constantly posting links to things I find interesting, funny, terrible, and a whole slew of other emotions. I usually click all the links that are posted because I never know what I'll find that could be the genesis of a great discussion on this blog. Likewise, my friends on Facebook are pretty great at posting about fascinating stuff. And you know my Feature Writing professor is cool when he asks us to write a story using your Facebook status to get quotes-- I totally recommend doing this. 


If you haven't been to TED, you're missing out. It's mostly a database of inspiring and informative talks, but it also includes music and humor. Rather than explain, here are a few examples of the awesome things you'll find. Check out Adora Svitak on why childishness isn't so bad, Ken Robinson on how schools kill creativity, Sophal Ear on how he and his family escaped the Khmer Rouge, and Ze Frank's nerdy comedy.

OPP: Other People's Posts

Since you're checking this blog, I imagine you, well, read blogs. And you read Gala Darling, Already Pretty, Yes and Yes, and Charade, right? These are just a few of the sites that reliably post kick-butt articles and link lists, but do check out the rest of my blogroll for awesome guys and gals who'll give you plenty to think about.

Slam Poetry

Slam poetry is poetry for everyone, because you don't even have to like to read. My favorite resource for listening to slam nowadays is Youtube, where I get my fix of Def Poetry Jam on a regular basis.

Not on the Interwebz: The Real World

Funny, inspiring, thought-provoking things happen to you every single day. I know that sometimes it doesn't seem like your life could possibly be that interesting, but you have a story, and a great one, too. If you're interested in writing for the rest of your life, especially professionally, it's a really good exercise to try to take the mundane and make it something totally readable-- even something that someone would pay to publish. One of the great things about this blog is that it encourages me to write just about every day (even on Saturday and Sunday, I usually work on something or am turning over ideas). Use yours to help yourself become the literary giant you've always wanted to be!

Where do you lovelies get inspired for blog posts? If your blog is one of those daily outfit deals, where do you get your inspirations for what to wear?

*Is this a little meta? Yeah, I admit it. It's already been a long week. You may be familiar with those almost-done-with-the-semester grumps that are ruining all my fun.


Jem said...

one of my fave places to go for inspiration is weheartit or both sites have a lot of beautiful images just waiting to inspire me. i really enjoy reading other peoples blogs because sometimes they get me to write about a topic which has caught my interest.

Kimbirdy said...

ooo, i've never been to TED... i'll have to check that out. i love for inspiring quotes and images from all over the world!

Zmaga said...

I'm bookmarking this post, can't get enough inspiration!

Luana said...

I love all of these, especially getting off the computer and living in the real world occassionally! Coming from someone who is always either at university buried in books or online, going out on weekends to art shows or local gigs is such a breath of fresh air and inspiration.


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