Monday, June 28, 2010

Busy Bee(Dogs)

Okay you guys, here's the truth: I've had a very busy weekend and even busier morning doing some e-mailing back and forth and writing a couple articles and waiting tables and trying to find time to sleep and eat and stuff. So I'm taking the day off due to the fact that I still have a bit to do-- I'm visiting a family friend for briefing about my dog-sitting stint starting in a couple weeks-- and didn't get a chance to get something prepared over the weekend. We all need a little break sometimes, right? I'm glad you understand, my dears.

I'm not going to leave you high-and-dry, though. If you're looking for something cute and funny today, I've got it. (We'll try real content tomorrow)

Here's .::beedogs::., a website devoted to dogs in bee costumes. Believe me, you want to click through if only to read the "next" buttons. Genius.


Rachel Elizabeth said...

Dog sitting is great. I have three dogs and they make my life so much more enjoyable.

Nina (Femme Rationale) said...

omg, that site is sad and funny at the same time.

hope you're not too overwhelmed.


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