Friday, June 25, 2010

Love 365: Day 163 - 169

I love that I work best at the very last minute.

I love that I am always willing to come to my friends' rescue when they need me.

I love my cool under pressure.

I love my patience with demanding people at work. I've learned that annoying customers teach you to be a better person, and learning how to smile through stress is a valuable skill.

I love that I'm not above asking for things with puppy eyes.

I love that I can resist the urge to buy-- which is much more remarkable than it sounds if you know my mother.

I love my short, un-manicured nails.



I love how tech savvy I am.



I love that I've kept up with these "self-love letters" in a notebook at home since you started it! I'm not ready to share the real ones, but thank you for this idea!



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Zmaga said...

"I love that I'm not above asking for things with puppy eyes."


allie noise said...

I love the idea of self love letters!!

I love my laugh!

Anonymous said...

I love my short unmanicured nails
I love your posts.


jacobithegreat said...

I love reading Luke's input. Something about that one-liner every week that makes me smile.

Vanessa said...

Thanks for posting your love letter in the comments, Allie!

Jacobithegreat: Luke is here with me right now and I just saw your comment and let him know about it-- he's really flattered that you like his input. I'm sure he'll be all puffed-up and pleased with himself all day :-P

Luke said...

"All puffed up?" Am I a fucking bird? Jerk.

@jacobithegreat: That made my day. Truth is, I often have trouble thinking about what I should contribute, so I usually think that they aren't that good, but I'm glad somebody else besides me thinks they're worthwhile. :B

Vanessa said...

Luke: You're this bird because it looks slightly angry yet adorable.


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