Friday, July 16, 2010

Love 365: Day 184 - 190

I love the single freckle on my right hip.

I love that I went through a Wiccan phase in middle school-- and that I still think it's interesting (and misunderstood).

I love that I would do this with my roommate (she changed hers to B.T. Dubbs)

I love that I'm a patient enough dog-sitter that I'll feed Buttons by hand just to make sure he eats. He's weird about food.

I love how excited I get to see my boyfriend. Silly-little-child-type excited.
I love my obsession with ice cream. (I was going to say "good ice cream," but I think it's hard to argue that there could be a bad kind).

I love that I am the best/worst at procrastinating. You can't beat me at it. I win.



I love that I am 21 and I go to bed early.



I love (and am proud!) that my boyfriend is part of the six-day Bikers for Nelson Mandela Day bike tour through South Africa (check the link on their progress if you're interested: ). 2000km on a Harley = sore bum. Also, for a good cause.
I love that I'm starting my own blog... baby steps...
I love that I've been vegetarian for seven months now; it makes me feel good to know that I'm doing something (no matter how small) to save our planet.
I love the heart necklace I made and wear every day.
I love my cats.

What do you love about you? 
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Anonymous said...

I love your blog, and how happy you always are.



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