Monday, July 19, 2010

Letters to Usher

Dear Usher,

I really wanted to like this song of yours.

I think you're totally cute and that it's really endearing that you say "gosh" so many times in one song. It's refreshing, even. But I do have a bone to pick with the following lyrics:

"Honey got some boobies like wow, oh wow."

Okay, Usher, really? Boobies? That was really the sexiest word you could think of? Because if anyone tried express attraction to me by complimenting my "boobies" I would laugh really hard and never want to talk to that person again. Are you seven? Or a Pussycat Doll? Because only children and Pussycat Dolls ever say that.

Stop it. Stop it right now.

Sorry, but I had to get that out.


(Are there any words that drive you crazy?)



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Laells said...

My boyfriend always cringes when I say 'irregardless'.

I can't think of any words that bother me.

I tend to notice if someone says something, like a phrase, a lot and then it starts to make me wince. I had a teacher that loved 'in regards to'. She said it 58 times during the course of a two hour class once.

Nina (Femme Rationale) said...

i hate the word boobies, too. and booty. and tits. altho, i will let one of these slip out...rarely tho.

Jem said...

Ohhh... I hate the lyrics to OMG although what I hate even more is that the beat is so damn catchy which makes me like this song a little (just very, very little). I suppose though if thats the best he could come up with, its slightly better then what some other people sing about (which are much more explicit), then he's not a very good song lyricist (did he even write this song? well who ever did isn't very creative if they were aiming to be sexists towards females... I've herd far worse. although its still no excuse, I wish the music industry would treat women like this).

amanda said...

I kind of love how totally ridiculous this song is. And by kind of, I mean a lot. It sounds like he wrote it while drunk, which is, as we all know, the only way to write a hit record.

Anonymous said...

I hate the word diary. And fasionista.

Kimbirdy said...

that's hi-larious! seriously! boobies is such a 4th grade word. oh usher... :) and thanks for your well wishes! we found a place - woohoo!

Vampires and Tofu said...

Carry Out by Timberlake and Timbaland...where he says "I'll have you open all night like an IHOP."
That just makes me think of gynecologists and speculums. I don't wanna be open all night, lol.
Had to throw that in there.


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