Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Why I Love My Boyfriend's Stories

 here. luke says this represents his story.

Luke: "As a kid, I hated Cub Scouts. I dreaded it. Aghhhh every Wednesday. I hated Cub Scouts so much."

Me: "Awww, you poor thing."

Luke: "Well, eventually I asked my dad if I could stop going. He let me, so that was good."

Me: "Oh, good."

Luke: "And that was the last time dad wore a bolo tie."

Me: "Wait, what?!"

[NOTE FROM LUKE: I'm half-Black and was adopted by White people. The Whitest people ever.]

Any amusing family stories to share?

P.S. Sorry I haven't been entirely reliable with posting and commenting. I'm dealing with a terrible internet connection while dog/house sitting, so just bear with me, loves.

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Laells said...

I have six younger brothers, a younger sister, a pretty cool mom, an eccentric father, plus myself and all my lovely quirks. So I'd like to think that we've got some good ones from over the years.

My dad is probably the best source. My personal favourite (although sort of gross) is when my dad was struck with diarrhea while at a fast food restaurant. So he goes to the bathroom and discovers that someone has crawled under the stalls and locked all the doors. My dad decides that the best thing to do is crawl under the stall himself. Now he's like fifty and got the belly and everything so I'm sure it was quite a sight. Anyways, he pushed too hard and messed himself and had to come home and face us and explain exactly how he managed to crap ALL over himself.

He's also a nurse and works in a psychiatric hospital so he often comes home with interesting stories from there. One time there was a patient going around the hospital crapping on waiting room chairs and for some reason, what with all the security people AND cameras, they couldn't seem to figure out who was actually doing it.

Sorry about the crap stories. lol They were the first two that came to my head.


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