Saturday, September 18, 2010

Love 365: Day 248 - 254 (Slightly Belated)

I love that I sometimes have the confidence to listen to ridiculous music in front of other people.

I love that I'm unabashedly a terrible English major (in the sense that I slack off more than I should and don't particularly like Milton).

I love how I often walk into a room feeling as if I command it.

I love that I finally tried coconut water. It was terrible. But I have a hard time trying new things so it was an accomplishment anyway.

I love that Diana Levine and my college tweeted my latest article. I was also really proud to see it displayed in our UC. I'm overly pumped, to say the least.

I love that I can almost name all the states from memory (try this, it's harder than you think).

I love how I remind myself to find things beautiful on bad days.



I love that I think stupid things are funny.



I love that I'm a good teacher.

I love that I can run farther than I ever could before.

I love my baby blues.



I love my body. All of it. Even the not-so-perfect parts.



What do you love about yourself?
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