Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday Music: Brand New Day

I know we're sort've far into Monday by now (at least my fellow East-coasters are-- I suppose this depends on time zone), but I figured I'd share a song to get you through it. I like to listen to this on mornings when I'm not feeling chipper enough to want to get up. That's a lot of mornings. I don't like getting out of cozy little bed early, but this is my reminder that it's always more than worth it.

You can see the music video here, too, for a different arrangement.

What songs get you through Monday/the morning? What other rituals do you have to get yourself going?


Bec said...

I love soak up the sun by sheryl crow to get me enthusiastic enough to face the day.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this song. Going through a breakup right now and it's great that I was able to stumble upon this. Love your blog. It's so fun.


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