Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What is Love?

My boyfriend was looking at the last Love 365 and saw that I said I love my stretch marks. He looked at me, eyebrow raised, and said, "really?" I nodded. "Does anybody?" he asked.

Love 365 was my new year's resolution. It was a commitment to recognizing parts of me-- my mind, my body, my actions-- that made me worthwhile. Some of the things I've said I love, well, I'm not sure if I can say I love them all the time. That isn't to say, though, that saying I love those things is some kind of lie.

Love is a process. Love is something you start doing when you wake up in the morning, and only postpone due to unconsciousness when you go to bed at night. Love is what you do with things that are hard to like. Love is what we must have those parts of us we don't like. Love is saying that we are not perfect but we are okay. 

And on that note, I read on the Internet once about a girl who had never seen stretch marks before. Upon seeing them on her friend's body, she pointed them out. The friend was embarrassed. "That's so cool" the girl said, "it's like you have lightning on your hips!"

What's something about you you love but don't like?


Rachel Elizabeth said...
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Rachel Elizabeth said...

Let's try that again...I love my stretch marks because they are a testament to the work my body did to grow my daughter who lights up my world. I don't like the way they look but I love what they represent.


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