Tuesday, November 16, 2010

How to Look Great Every Day

-Get dressed as you: not the fashion magazine version, but the comfortable-yet-impossibly-lovely one.
-Let your hair get a little bit messy.
-Put on one very special item, like a favorite ring. These things aren't too special to be worn.
-Walk with your eyes forward-- I see you looking at the ground over there!
-Smile at everyone.
-Wear your favorite color, whether it suits you or not.
-Look upon others with kindness and with as little judgment as possible.
-Accentuate what you love, whether it's conventionally beautiful or not.
-Be present: you don't always need your iPod in and your cell phone out.
-Be pleasant: warmth radiates outward.

What are your everyday beauty tips?


Teresa said...

Wear comfortable shoes so you can move any way you want to.

Put on a fragrance that makes you smell good to yourself. Your nose is a lot closer than everyone else's.

Anonymous said...
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Tara said...

This is such amazing and simple advice. For me, I find that wearing my ipod actually makes me feel happier. The other day, I got a little groove in my step when 'play that funky music white boy' came on. I felt silly and frivolous and it was awesome!

Jem said...

I love these tips on how to look great every day. For me, I always spritz on my perfume, it just makes me feel good. In order to feel beautiful I also wear dresses a lot, for some reason this is my go to look, it never fails to make me feel happy. Of course the number on thing is confidence though! :)

zoya said...

Great tips, my must wear to look good everyday is a smile :)

Anonymous said...

Love this! I'm guilty of having my ipod on 24/7

StephanieDJL said...

oops idk why that was anonymous!

Ella said...

I definitely need to print this out and put it on my mirror, been really down lately and need to start picking myself up.

The Sequin Cat said...

I love this! Especially about being present. I love to remove the iPod armour and hear and FEEL the city around me.

Anonymous said...

this is very good for you, ybg :)

Anonymous said...

Interesting for me//

Erectile Dysfunction said...

I really liked your article.

Michealsnjjb said...

Great tips, my must wear to look good everyday is a smile :)


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