Friday, November 19, 2010

Love 365: Day 317 - 323

[The sudden jump in number of days is because I miscounted somewhere along the line-- oopsies! Or maybe you didn't notice at all, but in case you're keeping track...]

I love that I write "love" on my arms.

I love my new very official Pulse Magazine signature for my business e-mails.

I love my pigeon toes.

I love my voice, even though I've said this before. I'm writing it again because lately I need to really remind myself. The worst part of transcribing interviews is listening to yourself talk!

I love that I have a boyfriend who feels like he can confide in me.

I love that I stood strong on not going to an ex's wedding, even though it was hard for me to tell the truth (thanks to those of you who gave advice on this!)

I love that I have had such a productive day without even trying. I need to have more days like this, but I'm grateful for the times I really throw myself into things.



I love my skinny legs.



I love that I can lift a lot more weight than I used to be able to! I feel so strong!

I love that I am an amazing friend to have. Really, I rock, and I'm not afraid to admit it!



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