Monday, November 22, 2010


I know it's a Monday and I know Mondays are loved by few. It's the end of a weekend of (hopefully) rejoicing and relaxing and forgetting about all those nasty little responsibilities that resume with the beginning of the week. It's the kind of day that makes you say "I can't wait until Friday!" or "I wish Sunday never ended!"

Too much of that is a not-so-good thing.

I do it, too, I'm not saying I don't. But look: today is going to be the only today you get. It is November 22nd, 2010-- the only one of those in the history of the world! So don't spend it moping around with a cup of lukewarm coffee in your sweats and counting the hours until Friday. Today is a pretty good day. You're alive and kickin' and it's another chance to spread your special brand of awesome around.

Spend the day making people smile. Laugh a lot even though you're tired. Decide on something you love that will be reserved for Mondays only so that you always look forward to it. Go out for breakfast with a friend. Leave your technology at home while you take a walk and enjoy the sights and sounds of the only today you'll ever have.

Be present. You get one chance.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, I needed to hear that, especially today!

Anonymous said...

Great idea to have something special on Monday's . . . I was just thinking last night how difficult it is to leave the weekend behind.

Lovely post! :)


The Fashion Buzz said...

A very inspiring post to cheer up our dull Mondays!

zoya said...

What great advice

D. said...

So, basically I opened my feeds, just to see if there was something that could lift my spirits this morning. Naturally, I clicked on your post.

It worked :)

Catherine said...

I just discovered your blog, and loved this post! I was thinking the same thing about Mondays on Sunday night, and decided that on my blog I'm going to post a happy 'inspiration for the week' to brighten Mondays. I'll be checking back often!

Anonymous said...

Although I'm reading this on a Wednesday, it still made me think. We do only get one chance to have this day, today!

I usually struggle on Mondays, and as a result never usually make evening plans on Mondays, as I know I'll be too tired and not in the mood and it will ruin my day thinking about the evening. But your tip of actually planning to do something you love on a Monday really hit a note with me - I think I might cook something special for Monday dinners, so that I have something yummy to look forward to all day!

Laells said...

Aw - I loves that. I try my best to treat every day like that.

When I was a kid I used to run out in the fresh snow (back when I actually enjoyed it - as most children tend to) and think to myself that I would be the only person ever in the history of time to make those footprints at that moment and it used to make me feel so special.

Kimberley said...

So true Vanessa, and a great reminder to seize the day and embrace all the great things about it! x


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