Sunday, December 19, 2010

Love 365: Day 345 - 351 (Belated)

Firstly, I'm really sorry this is a couple of days late. Once I arrived home from college, I discovered that the wireless connection in my house is currently nonexistent, so I haven't been able to get online early Friday evening when I would usually have posted Love 365. I'm at my boyfriend's house right now, so as long as I'm here I'll be able to post and hopefully the Internet problems will get resolved at my place soon. Thanks for bearing with me through my exams and through these technical difficulties!


I love that I am slowly becoming a minimalist.

I love that I'm buying more organic groceries.

I love how easily I get all choked-up when I see animals in need. I probably donate more money to charity than I should in my financial situation because of my tender heart, but at the end of the day I feel good about it.

I love that I'm willing to let things go.

I love my hopeless addiction to coffee.

I love myself even though I spend more time procrastinating than is even mildly reasonable.

I love that I am finished with the first semester of my senior year of college. Hallelujah!



I love that I'm really flexible.



I love that asking myself to re-examine my day and life for what I love motivates me to recognize the tiny habits and moments I overlook most of the time.

I love that I keep an ambitiously long (and quite possibly never-ending) "to read" list.

I love that I have been finding little ways to "go green" via organic makeup and reusable bags. I will never be the ultimate poster child for the green campaign, but little changes are better than no changes at all.

I love that my feelings towards taking care of animals always brings me back to an idealistic, childlike state.

I love that I've figured out how to maintain smooth cuticles and creaseless eyeshadow.

I love that I always pull the shower curtain closed after showering. (No mold!)

--Jessica, Small Screen Scoop


There are only TWO weeks left for Love 365!
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Luinae said...

Minimalism for the win!

Brittany said...

Yay for making small changes for a better world! If everyone did this we'd really start seeing some change. I totally applaud the decision to buy organic veggies, reusable bags, and "green" makeup!


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