Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Readers to the Rescue!

A lovely reader named Marie sent me an e-mail recently about a charity event that I thought you might all like to know about and maybe help out with.

Here's the story: blogger Sister Wolf, the funny, sarcastic lady behind Godammit.com, has been having a very rough year. She has spent her year ill and unemployed, and even had to go through her ill son's suicide. Now, she has yet another problem: her roof is caving in. She and her family are unable to pay to have the roof fixed. After going through so, so much I can't even imagine a person having to face the potential loss of their home. We all need shelter just as we need love and support.

Thankfully, with that love and support we can help her fix her roof! How, you ask? Well, fabulous blogger and jewelry artist Wendy Brandes has offered to run a little charity operation for roof repair funds, but for the whole operation to work, she needs people like us to participate. By purchasing one of her adorable "Little Woolf" pendants for $50, you will be donating $35 to putting a new roof over Sister Wolf's head.

I know that it's the Christmas season in a rough economy, but if you know someone who would love a beautiful piece of jewelry, please go buy one of these pendants. Not only will you be giving a gorgeous gift to yourself or a friend, but an even more meaningful one to a needy stranger as well.

Buy your own "Little Woolf" pendant here. And spread the word!


Anonymous said...

It is very nice of you to share this. I wish her the best. She'll be in my prayers.


Elaine said...

That is so sweet!! You should also check out bloggersgivebackproject.blogspot.com.They are trying to help a family who's lost everything in a fire.


Vanessa said...

Ooo, thanks so much for sharing that, Elaine! I'll go check it out :)


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