Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I get overwhelmed sometimes.

Okay, a lot of times.

It can be hard not to panic when the e-mails and assignments keep pouring in, you haven't secured a Grown Up job yet (don't worry, you're still waitressing at the same place you have been since you were 16), you're in the process of getting ready to move out and the dog won't stop barking at particularly intimidating lamps on the TV (she's a little stupid).

But everything comes together in the moments before crunch time when I settle in with a cup of chai and my favorite Pandora station to get ready to spend an evening writing. And I love to write because I'm an inquisitive kind of person: for me, spending a night looking over interviews and tying quotes together is like doing Sudoku. Journalism is about fitting puzzle pieces together, and as overwhelmed as I get at first, the sense of accomplishment I get from finding the story is worth it. In these moments, with my tea and my music and my laptop, I know that somehow, I am in the right place and everything will be just fine.

Everything will be just fine.

What happens in your perfect moments? When do you feel most in your element? 


Chelsea said...

This was THE PERFECT post for me right now. I've just graduated last month from college and I feel stuck, like I can't make that transition into Grown Up Life, with a Grown Up Job. This was a good reminder that even if certain segments of my life aren't meeting expectations (whose, I'm not really sure), that doesn't mean my life has to be any Less.

Things come together for me when I'm reading articles and reports on energy efficiency technologies and policies, listening to a good Grooveshark playlist, preferably while my boyfriend is in the bed next to my desk, doing his own reading. That's when I feel at peace.

D. said...

Perfect moment for me is when I study philosophy and listen to Buckethead and a great song comes on, so I have to just stop and admire it.
That's just one of many moments.

Jackie said...

My perfect moment occurs at night when I curl up with a book to relax from a long day and read to be transported into another realm for a just a little while.

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